Emergency Dentistry
in Brentwood, CA

Persistent tooth pain, bleeding, and discomfort are all signs of a dental emergency. Fortunately, Dr. Freitas sets aside time to treat dental emergencies in Brentwood, CA, daily. We don’t want you to be in pain, and we certainly don’t want your oral health to diminish due to trauma or infection. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Brentwood, CA, please call our office at 925-232-1442.

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man holding his jaw in pain

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Though oral problems can be painful, not all oral problems require emergency dental care. However, if an oral problem is interfering with regular everyday activities like eating, speaking, or smiling, we encourage you to contact us. Some clear signs that you are experiencing a dental emergency include:

  • Sharp, severe, persistent pain
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Dental abscess
  • Loose or wiggling teeth

What To Do During a Dental Emergency

While dental emergencies can be frightening as much as they are unexpected, the first rule of handling a dental emergency is to stay calm. If there is continuous bleeding or swelling, take a clean cloth or gauze and gently apply pressure to the affected area. It’s always best to try to prevent infection until your emergency dental visit. If a tooth was knocked out, recover it and contact us as soon as possible for the best possible chance of saving your natural tooth.

father and son brushing their teeth together

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Most dental emergencies are preventable with proper preventive dental care. Missing dental appointments and neglecting oral hygiene can escalate minor issues quickly. However, the unexpected, like a ball to the face or biting on something hard, can happen. Steps to prevent dental emergencies include:

  • Brushing and flossing twice per day
  • Maintaining dental cleanings and exams
  • Opting for dental sealants or fluoride treatments
  • Using a mouthguard or nightguard
  • Limiting sugary drinks and snacks
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