Professional Teeth Cleanings
in Brentwood, CA

When was the last time you scheduled a routine dental cleaning and exam? It may not seem that important, but visiting your local Brentwood dental office on a regular basis for a professional cleaning and exam is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health. Whether you schedule your visits like clockwork or it’s been a while since you’ve stepped foot in a dentist’s office, we’d be happy to see you. Call today!

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How many teeth cleanings do I need per year?

It is generally recommended to have two teeth cleanings per year, approximately every six months. This helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, prevents cavities, and allows our team to identify potential dental issues early on. However, some individuals with specific dental conditions may require more frequent cleanings. Dr. Freitas can provide a personalized recommendation based on your unique oral health needs.

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Do teeth cleanings hurt?

Teeth cleanings are usually not painful, though some discomfort may occur, especially if there is a significant buildup of plaque or tartar or if your gums are sensitive. Dental hygienists use specialized tools to clean teeth thoroughly, and any discomfort is typically minimal. If you experience pain, inform your hygienist so they can adjust their technique and ensure your comfort.

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Will regular cleanings make my teeth whiter?

Regular teeth cleanings can help make your teeth appear whiter by removing surface stains caused by food, drinks, and tobacco. However, cleanings do not change the natural color of your teeth. For more noticeable whitening effects, talk to our team about our professional teeth whitening treatments. We’d love to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile!

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Are routine teeth cleanings expensive?

Since regular cleanings and exams are an essential part of any healthy oral care routine, most dental offices do their best to make them as affordable and accessible for patients as possible. Our office is insurance friendly, and many providers offer full coverage for biannual dental visits. We also offer our in-house Dental Wellness Plan, which includes routine cleanings, exams, and X-rays. For additional financial questions or concerns, please contact us!