Dental Extractions
in Brentwood, CA

Severe tooth decay, an infection, or a wisdom tooth not growing correctly into your mouth can be inconvenient and lead to more dental problems. As your local dentist in Brentwood, CA, we strive to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. A tooth extraction may be recommended if the tooth in question is beyond restorative care. Improve your oral health and relieve pain by contacting us about our tooth extractions in Brentwood, CA!

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Are wisdom teeth extractions necessary?

Wisdom teeth removal is standard practice. However, the procedure is not always recommended for every patient with wisdom teeth. The best way to determine if wisdom teeth extraction is necessary is to visit Dr. Freitas for a consultation. He can examine your mouth, assess your oral health, and help decide if wisdom teeth extraction is beneficial. In most cases, wisdom teeth extraction is beneficial when you have an infected tooth or not enough room for your wisdom teeth to grow. When you need tooth extractions, we provide gentle, quality care to ensure your extraction is as smooth as possible.

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When can I stop using gauze after tooth extraction?

After tooth extraction, our dentist will place gauze at the extraction site to control and limit bleeding. The gauze will encourage the formation of a blood clot, essential to the healing process. The duration for when patients can stop using gauze varies on several factors, including bleeding rate and type of extraction. In most cases, we advise changing the gauze every half hour, depending on the bleeding rate. If after a few hours, the bleeding has stopped, it may be time to remove the gauze.

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What do I eat after tooth extraction?

Our dentist will provide you with details about what you can eat after an extraction. Directly after an extraction, we encourage patients to be careful around the extraction site to avoid dislodging blood clots, which can lead to dry sockets. During the first few days, we encourage soft foods like mashed potatoes or yogurt until reintroducing crunchy or chewing foods. If you have questions about a specific food or drink, please contact us!

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